Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Up In Smoke

What is it with people? I have been getting all the usual lectures about smoking - quitting/the benefits of etc etc for, like, forever.

So....I go and quit. I have been quit for 15 days. That might not seem monumental but it's a bloody big deal to me.

And, do you know, only ONE person has told me 'well done'. Bloody one!!

Not even my bloody husband can muster up any Goodwill to cast in my direction, this is despite the fact that he used to squawk & flap & feign asphyxiation if I nipped out to the garden to have a wee ciggy.


So, how does that work?
Are folk not interested? But they were bloody interested enough to hound me when I did smoke...

Jealous? That's just poor form...

*sigh* I really don't know, but I shall march forever onward in my No Smoking Quest. You just watch. And thank god for that one friend....

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