Friday, 16 January 2009

Back Away Slowly.....

So, last October me & my BG (bestest girlfriend) are driving out to somewhere jolly in the countryside when she raises an issue with me. For several years she has been having weird dreams about airplane crashes and all her dreams seem to have come true. She pre told one to her husband and it came she was telling me about a new dream. The night before she's had a dream about an aeroplane which has come down (she always wakes up before the impact): she is really certain that it came down in one piece and that there were no injuries. It is a white plane with a blue marking on its tail. She thinks it comes down on a motorway - it is coming down onto something straight and long. She is seeing the whole thing happen from above - like she's on a bridge. "So I'm telling you this now and we'll have to see if anything happens". We both try and chortle it off .....

Cut to last night. I'd seen the news and not even thought about our conversation back in October. 11pm my phone beeps away & there is my BG's text,

"Sorry it's late but there has been a plane crash in America! It is a white plane with a blue tail fin......everyone got out. It was in a river, though, but it is the Hudson so long and straight and tv footage is from a bridge! Ooer!" Ooer? - too bloody right!

That surreal moment I had earlier in the week? - blown right out of the bloody water.

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