Thursday, 26 August 2010


At which point in your adult life are you meant to grow up properly? I mean, I know it's not at all sophisticated to blow champagne out of your nose after a giggling fit (God forbid); & no one's going to love you for coming out of the loo with your dress hitched in your knickers (a friend of mine really did do that): those are silly, silly things. But does there come a point where someone is going to bollock you for still wolfing down Nutella on toast or for curling up in bed with a hot water bottle just coz you fancy it? When is it no longer sophisticated to deposit half a bottle of bubble bath in your bath just to get that kick of watching the bubbles go WILD? Can you air guitar when no one's looking? What about pulling stupid faces at the back of someones cross, retreating head? Can you still roll your eyes at your mum when she lectures you?
All I'm wondering is at what point do the Adult Police threaten to come and take you away?

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