Monday, 23 August 2010

No, really, it is.

I know, I know - it really is astounding. Confusing. Completely wtf?? But your eyes are not deceiving you; that really is me. Look. Out! SMILING.
Hiatuses have a point: they are not a thing of bone idle laziness & inertia. They are transformative; kind of hitting that crossroad & saying "feck it, I'm going this way". It's about realising when Enough is, frankly, ENOUGH. It's when life doesn't have to be such a big deal; when what another person thinks or doesn't think doesn't actually matter that much anymore. When someone else's actions shriek a hell of a lot more about them than they ever did you.
It's about realising that people DO change; that you can, actually grow tired of being the scapegoat. It's about refusing to be put in that box anymore.
It's about making the leap, standing up and saying "enough, enough, enough".
And it does hurt: it turns a bikini wax into a walk in the park. But ladies, and this is truly the BEST bit, it gets better. Infact it gets fecking brilliant. Best bit? Looking yourself in the mirror and thinking "woohoo, it all starts here".
So, the hiatus is done - okay there's still lots of i's to be dotted et cetera (& that's a brave move in itself) but I am laughing now and you can bet your bottom dollar there's plenty more catch up to come! So, girls, make mine a large one & yes, Friday is fecking excellent!

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